Eco BackPackers ROCKS!


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Occasionally we do reviews of things we think are just awesome.

Distant Relatives Backpackers in Kalifi is one of the most awesome places we have stayed. A total Eco experience it rivaled many 5 star places we have stayed.

The attention to detail, outdoor bamboo showers, awesome rooms, cool boho wooden furniture, great food and fab staff really make you feel like you are living the ‘eco traveler dream’.

It really was way too good an experience not to mention if like us you are looking for all the best, budget ways to see the world. So If you go to kenya GO HERE. You will love it.

Friday night pizza night – The cherry on the top of the whole experience.

Bessie Bardot, Geoff, Barker and bluebelle on the life change experiment sharing their lessons from the flow.

Webinar- BEGINNER’S GUIDE to Finding Your Flow

Beginners guide

NEW- BEGINNERS GUIDE to Finding Your Flow –
Webinar Thurs 19th Nov 8pm
All Welcome – Limited Free Spaces – Q&A FORMAT 45 min ONLY

To eat the crumbs of life or dine at the banquet?
To be guided by what you ‘Love’ or to struggle in what you ‘Fear’

How can Flow change every part of your life for the better
What is Flow and why is it so important to feeling truly happy and fulfilled
How can I bring more Flow into my life when I am struggling
How does Flow work for you day to day
How does Flow help to make better decisions
How does Flow open up opportunity you would never have expected?
How does Flow help me follow my heart more fearlessly?
How can I teach my kids to be in Flow
How does Flow cure depression, worry and many illnesses
And MANY MORE Questions we are asked all the time.
You will also be able to ASK YOUR OWN Q’s LIVE

ONLINE Webinar – Limited Free Spaces –…/3971202174149363969

The AMAZING power of living in the FLOW – Webinar

Geof webinar

LIVE FLOW WEBINAR 14th Nov 7pm Sydney Time

(Note:- This is for people who are tired of seeking and struggling. It will challenge you and I won’t be pulling any punches)


-The hard facts and practicalities behind living IN or OUT of the Flow.
-Authentic living and Following your heart – The ugly truth the self-help world is NOT telling you.
-The HUGE missing link to happiness – No one is talking about.
-Connection – What does it really mean to Plug into Flow?
-Does the universe really provide and How can you tap into it?
-How can changing your life be easier?
-What do I have to do to finally feel better about my life?
PLUS whatever else Flows on the day

The FIRST STEP to something much bigger

DIRT POOR – What a way to live. But happy!


Yesterday I learnt how to build a mud hut.
All the local kids thought it was hilarious to see a white man getting his hands dirty.
Here are some ‘fun facts’ about where we are living.
– The average person here survives on $3 a day.
– That can be for a 7am – 6pm shift often in the hot sun
– Rent costs about $5 a year for a mud hut like this. Most people live this way
– A bag of maize flour costs 70c and feeds a family for 3 days if they eat one meal a day.
– Everything else costs almost as much as the west! So unable to afford fruit, milk and eggs many of the kids are small for their age.
-Electricity comes and goes when it feels like it if they are lucky enough to have it (Which most aren’t)
-Water goes off for a week at a time forcing people to use salt water from bore holes

Having said that once you get used to being a bit dusty and eating sitting in the mud your perception on ‘poverty’ changes.
The amazing thing is mostly they don’t think of themselves as poor at all!
Bessie Bardot, Geoff, Barker and bluebelle on the life change experiment sharing their lessons from the flow.

So much for Planning – Flow says “ALL CHANGE”


It seems whenever Bess and I plan further than a month out Flow slaps us around the face and changes everything to keep us humble.
Sadly after all our planning and excitement, our trip to the Children’s Home has been postponed.

Due to circumstances at the home, our visit had to be delayed and we can’t stay around that long.
We are gutted. When Flow changes course it can be jarring.

But within uncertainty lies the seeds of ALL possibilities. And that’s exciting.
So the possibility at hand is to make the most of this time to get their message out to the world.

FOR A START – URGENT funds are needed to build a retaining wall.
If this is not done before the rainy season the back will collapse from subsidence
I am building a website for donations and assistance, so watch this space.

SO HERE WE ARE – 3 spiritual adventurers looking for a home. Willing hands, open hearts ready to bring a little Flow to anyone who needs it .
Let us know if that’s YOU!
Bessie Bardot, Geoff Barker and BlueBelle on the life change experiment sharing their lessons from the flow.

Finding Families in the Flow


I must admit that when we first gave it all away and stepped out my ‘faith’ in faith was shaky to say the least. 
What I knew was that what I wanted from life was not in the direction I had been going. So I figured we would do an experiment! 
Since we have taken the time to LISTEN & follow our flow. Even when logic dictated otherwise we have met with the most amazing experiences and some of the nicest most generous and loving people we have ever met in our lives.
We could never have engineered these events and friendships with logic simply because we did not know they existed .
And here lies the most profound secret of Flow & Faith. It begins where our ‘logic and knowledge’ ends
I can not imagine our lives without these wonderful people who have literally materialised into our adventure through various ‘cosmic confluences’.

And I can also now not imagine life without faith.

I have no words to express our gratitude for their hospitality, kindness, love, generosity and friendship.

Here are just a few Loraine, Annelize Lundall, Ti-Me, Francis, Vian and little Matty,

Regina, Ava, Jenn, Rob, Rosa, Benji, Devra,
Bessie Bardot, Geoff, Barker and bluebelle on the life change experiment sharing their lessons from the flow.

BlueBelle stung by killer centipede

Screen Shot 10-27-15 at 10.31 AM (2)

BlueBelle woke up screaming from the sting of an African centipede that can kill small children.
This thing is 6+ inches and like a pitbull. You can’t kill it. She was in intense pain and my heart skipped a beat.

We were told by the doctor (who miraculously happened to be having dinner next door) that she was fit, so it wasn’t fatal, but she would have a golf ball sized welt and severe pain for 5 days.
We gave her some meds and did some of the healing work we have learnt over the last 3 months in Africa.
She slept like a baby and next day, to our astonishment, woke – not a mark on her, 100% . Even her cold had gone. What a relief!

We have learnt that following the Flow does not spare us the ‘slings and arrows’ of life.
We are often brought to that crossroad – ‘DO YOU TRUST’? Will we choose Fear or Love?
But it’s in those moments we have found our greatest growth occurs and last night was a perfect example of this.

Deeply grateful that she is well. I am also grateful for the reminder of the power of connecting.
Bessie Bardot, Geoff, Barker and bluebelle on the life change experiment sharing their lessons from the flow.


Amazing healing from deadly snake bite

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This week I saw Kiki the dog bitten by a snake.
Convulsing, heart fibrillating, moments from death she was brought back from the brink by my friend and

Even the vet refused to come over as he said it would be dead by the time he got there.
It’s one thing to attribute ‘spiritual healing’ as placebo on a person but……..This was a dog!!

We are lucky to be sharing some amazing time and insights with Michelle who cured herself of cancer and has made it her mission to heal many others.

After reading the latest science research on placebo and spiritual healing, I have a strong new respect for it.

There is clearly MUCH more going on that we know and it looks like science and spirituality are finally meeting once again. Exciting times
Bessie Bardot, Geoff, Barker and bluebelle on the life change experiment sharing their lessons from the flow.

The scary TRUTH the ‘Self help’ books won’t tell you!


I was once told by a well-known spiritual teacher, “Geoff, the public can’t handle the truth about living authentically. It won’t sell books so why tell them”.  They were probably right.

Luckily we have nothing to lose, so here goes.

It’s easy to idealize the idea of ‘following your heart’ with touchy feely slogans about the universe, and happy snappy photos like our Life Change Experiment Facebook posts.

BUT this glosses over the reality!  The choices that lead to these post usually begin with a blood curdling, terrifying ride, way outside of our comfort zones into insecurity, uncertainty and fear!

You see, TRUE Authentic living does NOT come from simply doing what you love or being true to your ‘self.’In fact its often the opposite.

Put a kid in a candy shop and tell them ‘be true to yourself’ and watch the results.  I spent years doing what I ‘loved’ wondering why I was so unhappy.

Authentic living asks a lot more of us than simply “do what you love!” It asks “will you ‘DIE’ to experience what you truly love!  (Yes this is the part they don’t like to mention) But what does that mean?

QUOTE – “When you are willing to ‘die’ to who you THINK you are – who you TRULY are can LIVE”.

It is our ‘identity,’ ‘who we think we are,  that prevents us from living our truth! It wants to keep us sure, important, validated and safe.

Authentic life is the opposite. It will challenge you daily, often to the core. Break down your ideas of your self and throw you in the deep end. It is the proverbial smelting pot of the soul!

Put your focus on that small quiet voice drawing you towards the that thing that’s scary, illogical, impractical, nerve wracking, foolish, embarrassing.  Follow it like following a blind man off a steep cliff into a dark abyss, without a safety net.  You know there is a deeper truth within it . Wholeheartedly embrace this ‘spiritual surgery’ life performs on the willing and Magic happens!……..CONNECTION

Fears evaporate. Inspiration, love, resources, peace, joy, solutions even miracles unfold….. The POWER OF THE UNIVERSE finally has room to work through us!

So living Authentically is definitely not some touchy feely safe spiritual cliche. It is a confronting, deeply challenging, utterly ASTOUNDING  DANGEROUS, DELICIOUS, ride to a far more fulfilling life than anything our little ‘ol’ frightened identities could have conjured.

Are you willing to live authentically NOW?
Bessie Bardot, Geoff, Barker and bluebelle on the life change experiment sharing their lessons from the flow.

Africa Safari – VIDEO SPECIAL #1



One AMAZING month in Africa on Safari with William Whitecloud, plus the 100,000 Maiden Reed dance, helping out a Swazi community and much more.

7 min of Fun, Flow & with Faith with Bessie Geoff & BlueBelle.

Bessie Bardot, Geoff, Barker and bluebelle on the life change experiment sharing their lessons from the flow.